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Our Process Delivers Results
Step 1 — You Subscribe.
~ You Pick Your Plan ~
~ You enter any task you need completed ~
~ You put your tasks in priority order ~
~ You move your top task to the In Progress column ~
Step 2 — We Do The Work.
~ We review and accept your task ~
~ We get to work updating your store ~
~ We complete the task within 2 business days on average ~
Step 3 — You Approve Changes
~ You review, approve, or revise the changes until satisfied ~
~ Once approved we deploy changes where necessary ~
~ We mark the task complete & you prioritize your next task ~
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Tasks We Can Crush For You
Store Setup
Store Configuration
Theme Install
Theme Configuration
Theme Customization
Theme Upgrades
Custom Pages
Custom Templates
App Installation
App Configuration
Workflow Automation
Custom Reports
Marketing Integrations
Performance Monitoring
Compliance Monitoring
Conversion Optimization
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Simple & Transparent Pricing
Shopify Store Management
$2,499 per month
Dedicated client portal for managing requests
One request at a time processed from your queue
Two business day average turnaround time on requests
Add unlimited users to your account
Add unlimited tasks to your queue
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$1,999/mo add-on
Adds management of a single additional storefront
Adds an additional concurrently processed task queue
Perfect for agencies and multi-store businesses
Trusted Advisor
$1,999/mo add-on
Adds an on demand dedicated advisor to your account
1-hour monthly strategy call with your advisor
Async access to your advisor via Slack connection
Draft requests for you via Slack messages or from strategy call
Help evaluate theme choice, app selection, and complex tasks
Help plan migrations, run reports, automate recurring tasks
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Hear What Our Clients Think

“Before finding ShopPro, we had been through 9 developers in the last 10 years.  Independent contractors eventually ghosted us and disappeared when we needed them most.  More reliable agencies went ‘upmarket’ and raised their prices beyond what we could afford to spend. The consistency and transparency of ShopPro hits the sweet spot of what we need to keep our store growing without losing time and sales.”

— Jonathan CEO,
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Frequently Asked Questions
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How is this different than hiring a freelance or full time Shopify Developer?

Many customers choose us to manage how much they are spending on Shopify development.  Full time developers cost on average over $100,000/year and even if you are outsourcing to a non-US based developer, the costs can add up and become difficult to manage versus their output and availability.  Flexibility of being able to complete projects and place your account on pause allow you to manage costs better as well. However, the highest value reason to work with us is our delivery schedule.  There is nothing like getting a constant stream of updates and improvements to your site along with clear and transparent communication about what is changing to help you accelerate your growth.

Are there any types of tasks that are not included?

We only work within the Shopify Admin and connected applications.  If you are using or plan to use headless commerce functionality that is deployed elsewhere, you will need to take that on directly or outsource to a dedicated developer.  Adjacent non-development, non-maintenance services like full service design or content production are also not included.

How do I enter tasks that I want completed?

Once subscribed you'll receive access to a dedicated client portal where you can enter tasks into a backlog and prioritize the task you want to work on currently. We use the portal for all communications regarding your tasks unless you've subscribed to our Trusted Advisor service, in which case you will also have access to your advisor via slack and scheduled strategy calls.

What happens if I put in a giant or unclear task?

When we receive an unclear task, if you’ve stuffed multiple requests into one, or if you’ve described a longer term project, our team will either respond with additional questions or when possible, we will simply break down addressable subtasks and move the individual tasks back to your backlog.  You can then prioritize them individually and put the top priority in the In Progress queue so that we can start to work on it.

Do I need to be on a specific Shopify Plan?

You can be on any Shopify plan but your access to particular features of the platform may prevent you from completing some tasks.  Take a look at Shopify’s own comparisons between their different plan levels for more information:

Can you design my store?

We can help you select pre-made themes, and make adjustments to templates that match your theme, but we aren’t in the web design business.  If you want to fully customize the design of your site, we’d suggest working directly with a designer.  Once, complete, we can take any assets, like Figma files and help you convert them into new components or pages.

How fast will I receive store updates?

On average we will deliver completed tasks within 2 business days of when you put them in the queue.  For example: If you move an item into In Progress on a Monday, typically we will pick it up and start working on it Tuesday and complete it by Wednesday.

How does the pause feature work?

Whenever you pause your subscription during a month you have already paid for, we will take note of the remaining days in the month, and keep a credit on file for that number of days.  For example:  You subscribed on May 1, and then paused your subscription on May 10th.  You’ll have 21 days remaining on your subscription when you restart the service.

How does canceling work?

Canceling your subscription allows you to continue to use the remainder of the month you’ve paid for but will not renew on your renewal date.

What if I don’t like the changes made?

This is the beauty of software development and the web.  Things can always be reverted, changed, and improved upon.  If you don’t like a change we’ve made, you can simply make additional requests until you are satisfied with the result.  If you requested a change that doesn’t turn out to be a great idea just ask us to revert it and go back to the previous version of your site.

What if I only have a small project or minimal tasks right now?

No problem, this is exactly what our pause functionality is for.  As long as you commit to one month, you can use it in whatever increments you want in order to maximize your value.  Just pause the subscription for periods when you have no tasks to accomplish.

Do you offer refunds or a guarantee?

Because of the nature of our work, we can’t offer refunds on our services.  You can however cancel at anytime if you are unhappy with the results you are getting from our service.